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Benefits to composting for organic sustainability in natural vegetable gardens

 Wednesday, May 16, 2012, by: JB Bardot (NaturalNews)

No one knows who discovered the benefits of composting by planting seeds in the refuse of human, animal, mineral and vegetable waste materials. Regardless of its origin, it’s clear that life grows from death. Drawing new life from the leavings of the past has been happening on earth since the beginning, and mankind can make use of this divine gift by turning raw materials into nutrient-rich compost for organic sustainability.

Modern composting

Organic gardening principles developed with earth herself; and it’s only a matter of artistry, trial and error that man has discovered how to intensify the conditions that supply the benefits of composting. The bottom line is that the best compost is little more than rotting organic matter.

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Using Composted Alpaca Manure In The Garden


Image by James Preston

By Nikki Phipps
(Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden)

Although lower in organic matter than other traditional manures, alpaca manure has a lot of value in the garden. In fact, many gardeners find this type of manure to be an excellent source of nutrients for optimal soil and plant health. Let’s look at how do I use alpaca manure as fertilizer and if alpaca manure is a good fertilizer.

Is Alpaca Manure Good Fertilizer?

Using alpaca manure as fertilizer is beneficial. Even with its lower organic content, alpaca manure is considered a rich soil conditioner. Alpaca fertilizer improves the soil quality and its ability to retain water. It is also good for plants with a fair amount of nitrogen and potassium and about average levels of phosphorous.

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Why Use Compost?

Compost Center, Waterbury, VT

If you use compost, you can save time and money. Compost improves low quality soils by adding organic matter and nutrients. Plants grown in good soil are healthier and have greater resistance to diseases and insects. By greatly reducing the need for pesticides and fertilizers you save money. Plants grow healthier and using fewer synthetic pesticides and fertilizers also reduces your risk of contaminating drinking wells, local streams, ponds, and lakes. Compost use can:

1. prevent erosion.

2. improve moisture retention.

3. reduce the need for fertilizers.

4. suppress soil-borne plant diseases.

5. be less expensive than topsoil.

6. divert a valuable resource from the
waste stream.

How to Use Compost at Home

Compost has many valuable applications around the house… 

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Marijuana Legalization Supported by Majority in U.S., Poll Finds

‘Tip of the iceberg’ emerges with 65 percent of young adults OK with legal pot 
By STEVEN NELSON, U.S. News, April 4, 2013
A majority of American adults think marijuana should be legalized, a poll released Thursday by the Pew Research Center finds. While 52 percent were pro-pot legalization, 45 percent of respondents were opposed to legalization. “For the first time in more than four decades of polling on the issue, a majority of Americans favor legalizing the use of marijuana,” Pew said in a statement posted online. 
Sixty-five percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 32 support marijuana legalization, Pew said. Just five years ago the polling company found that 36 percent of voters in that age group supported legalization.

A Bill Is About To Be Introduced That Would Protect Pot Users From Federal Law 

 By Elizabeth Flock, 4/12/13, U.S. News
Whispers hears that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., is about to introduce a bill that protects marijuana users and business owners from federal prosecution, as long as they are in compliance with state laws. 
The bill would amend the Controlled Substances Act, which makes the sale and use of marijuana illegal under federal law.
The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act has five co-sponsors on both the Republican and Democratic side of the aisle, including Reps. Justin Amash, R-Mich., Don Young, R-Alaska, Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., and Jared Polis, D-Col. If passed, the law would immunize pot users and business owners in the states of Colorado and Washington, which both voted in November to make marijuana legal for people over the age of 21.